I have started reading algorithms and data structures once again. I remember having read those topics 10 years back. So, why this reload? Because I vaguely remember the topics read (10 years is good time to forget what was taught or read, wholly my opinion). Also, since I was a computer science student (now being classified as an IT professional) I must always remember the basics (?).

So, what was I doing all these years? Hmm. For one, I was busy being lazy. Additionally, I was also ‘building’ my career ( Now that I have built enough ground (or so I believe), I felt I should continue from where I left.

Do I have enough time? (Someone in my team asked this question when I showed myself with a book in my hand). Well, no. I never had. I was always busy. Slogging, watching movies (sometimes back-to-back immaterial of the time spent in office), hanging out during those rare office-free weekends, visiting parents, visiting relatives, catching up with old friends (orkut et al), ‘reading’ IMDB,  shopping using credit card… typical life of a bachelor IT professional. Now I am married with a kid. I have cut down on most of the activities from the list (movies, visiting parents and IMDB still holds good) but still was not able to steal time to read.

I don’t know the top trigger which led me to stop worrying about not reading and actually made me start reading. I believe it’s the age factor. Or the age-old factor of self-realization. Where am I heading? Whats my career plan? Some very silly questions started running into my mind. Silly because those thoughts should have run down my mind much earlier. I have taken those thoughts very seriously (thus created this blog without any further delay). I plan to continue this blog along with my journey on the knowledge path (interspersed with anecdotes from real and surreal world)

One comment on “Reload!

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